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What is Knowledge in a Box?

Knowledge in a Box is a new kind of help tool that allows you to link your company's knowledge in just a few seconds. This way, existing files and information are found in exactly the context in which they are needed. Your whole team stays up to date without having to search actively.

How does Knowledge in a Box work?

The installation is easily done via the Chrome Web Store. Once you register, a workspace is created for you and your team. Using our browser extension, you can then link important info to any website. As soon as someone from your team enters that website, all related info will be displayed.

What can be linked?

Pretty much anything! No matter what URL you have, with Knowledge in a Box you can put it in the right context. So this works not only with any website, but also with messages in the MS Teams Channel or files in your SharePoint. You can also link people, questions or important notes.

Where are my files stored?

Where they are already stored! Unlike traditional solutions, Knowledge in a Box does not require you to upload any files. Only links to the existing storage systems are stored. Your existing authorization structures remain in place and you do not have to carry out a time-consuming migration of the content. The database in which the links are stored is located on secure servers in Germany.

What are the limitations of the free version?

You can use almost all the features of the premium version, but you can only link a limited number of objects. In addition, a free workspace only provides space for a maximum of three users. So with the free version of Knowledge in a Box, you can create a showcase for your use case, add two more users, and try out whether the tool helps you.

Does the browser plugin monitor which websites users are browsing?

No! Knowledge in a Box is not a monitoring tool but a help tool. The currently opened URL is matched locally on the user's PC with a list of URLs for which there is content in your workspace. Only when the user clicks on the browser plugin, a request is made to the database at all. We can not and do not want to see or store on which websites the users are on the move.