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Take your intranet to the next level

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How to make sure that your intranet content gets used?


Users must interrupt their workflows to search for relevant pages in your intranet.

Most users simply don't search.


Users get served with relevant content based on the tools they are using.

Users simply find without searching.

Meet the intranet delivery plugin

Automatically push intranet pages into your colleagues' workflows.



Simply make sure everybody stays up to date!

Where do you store internal information?

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How it works

1. Automatic link detection

No need to change your existing workflow. Whenever you insert a link into your intranet system, the browser extension creates a two-way connection.

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2. Context-based notification

The moment your colleagues visit the linked website, the browser extension notifies about related intranet pages. No searching - just finding.


3. Access related intranet pages

Find the content that was automatically linked without leaving the current tool. Make use of the effort that was spent into your intranet.

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Works with any tool

No matter if SAP, HubSpot or whatever you use. If your tool runs in a browser, it can be linked to intranet content. Automatically deliver existing & new pages.

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per user/ month

✔ Up to 30 connections

✔ Own workspace for max 3 user

✔ Browser Extension for Chrome and Edge


For small teams


per user / month

✔ Unlimited connections

✔ Own workspace for max 10 user

✔ Browser Extension for Chrome and Edge


For whole companies


Intranet Sync 

✔ Automated  & unlimited connections

✔ Own workspace for unlimited user

✔ Browser Extension for Chrome and Edge

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